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Human resources management

Issuing time:2018-07-02 11:46

Human Resources Management Henda Technology has always regarded human resources management as an important part of the entire enterprise management. Adhere to the management idea that "the employee is the wealth of the enterprise and the leader is the public servant of the enterprise". Adhere to the principle of fair, fair and open employment, provide good career stage and career development space for employees. The company has established a complete set of incentive mechanism in introducing, absorbing, training and using talents management. Through internal promotion and external introduction to select talents, through the implementation of specific measures such as salary and welfare treatment, training, job evaluation and other measures, continuously improve the quality of employees, optimize the personnel structure, and achieve effective human resources development and rational allocation.
Ways and Measures to Construct Talent Advantages
:: Recruitment and recruitment of talents in key institutions
:: Implementation of job training and continuing education, internal selection and promotion
:: Job opening, competitive recruitment
:: Establishment of a reasonable pay, benefits and performance appraisal system

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