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Information superhighway -- fibre optics

Issuing time:2018-07-02 11:46

Light as a communication signal has been around since ancient times. The fireworks lit on the ancient beacon tower are a very primitive way of light communication. Although the degree of civilization and science and technology of human society have been greatly improved, this simple use of light to transmit information is still widely used, such as red, yellow, and green traffic lights. At a time when human beings have entered the information society, the demand for communication is getting higher and higher. Since metal wires can transmit signals, can glass transmit light signals? Therefore, scientists have been studying and exploring optical communication since the 1960s.
Today, optical communication technology has been very mature, optical fiber communication has been the main transmission mode of various communication networks, optical fiber communication in the construction of the information superhighway plays a crucial role. In addition to the increasing information transmission and exchange, optical fiber communication technology has developed so rapidly.

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